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Cory George, Website Designer of Advance Your Listing has created this Directory to showcase client’s videos and invite others business owners to submit their videos  for consideration into this directory.  We generally like to see videos about general business services.  Which may include carpet cleaning, limo services, lawyers, painting companies, masonry companies, security companies, audio – video companies, fire extinguisher companies, real estate companies, financial companies, health products companies and more.  We will consider any category.

We prefer companies from the United States. May consider some from Canada.

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Website Designer – Cory George – Advance Your Listing
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Safeguard Escrow Corona CA

Safeguard Escrow Service Corona CA

Safeguard Escrow is a third party intermediary that holds your funds or property on behalf of two or more parties involved in a transaction.  Safeguard offers Security Convenience, and Peace of Mind.   Your transaction can be started by visiting the website and filling our the information for a Purchase Escrow or a Refinance Escrow.

Safeguard is licensed in the State of California and serves all of Southern California. This includes Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Diego County.   

We invite you to visit the website:  Safeguard Escrow Inc. com

Office Address:

200 S. Main Street Suite 308 Corona, CA 92882

Phone:  951-356-5937


Electrician San Dimas CA – Ethical Electrical

Electrician San Dimas –  This video is really informative.  It goes into great detail about recessed lights how the lighting can make your kitchen look brighter and updated. Dominic goes into all the educational details about airtight housing, lamp: 90w max , IC rated for direct contact with ceiling insulation, integral flange secures fixtures against ceiling, integral thermal protector, UL damp location listed, adjustable socket bracket allows for different lamp types and sizes.   If you like technical details this is the video to watch. 

In addition to recessed lighting installation,  Dominic offers all kinds of electrical services, which include attic fans, bathroom lighting, ceiling fans installation, dimmers, switches and electric panels. If you need help with lighting and designing, he is more than happy to help you with your design. 

If you are a commercial business, he is and expert at LED and fluorescent lighting and installation of this type of lighting. Restaurant lighting, is also his specialty, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, security lighting.  No job is too small or too big.  Dominic is very experienced with large companies, he has worked with multimillion dollar projects, passing UL inspections, CE inspections, N.E.C. inspections, MASA inspections, CENELEC inspections, Corporate inspections, County inspections and City inspections and County Inspections.

If you are an Industrial Business, Dominic is very experience in handling your needs. He is has installation and repair experience of 120V and 220V circuits, 277V and 480V circuits,  breakers, and fuses, Class 1 Div 2, computer wiring Cat 6 and Cat 5, Code Corrections, Conduit installation, control panel construction, control panel repair, control wiring, electrical prints of a dwelling, electric meter service relocation, lighting maintenance, repairs and installation of most industrial facilities.  Don’t hesitate to call and ask questions.

You name anything electrical, he can do it. 

Visit the Ethical Electrical website: 

Call or Text Dominic Portesi:  909-581-5800


Door Hangers Work

Door Hangers Work for Elections

Door Hangers Work –

We are a Nationwide Residential Door to Door Distribution Company.  Since 1995 we have served our customers with top quality printing services.  We provide the latest in state of the art equipment, provide the best customer service and deliver top quality products at the best prices.

Our Professional Crew will hang your advertisement on the front door of homes and or apartments in the areas you chose.  Your advertisement will always get out onto the doors.

If you are running for election or promoting someone who is running for an election office, we have the right Door Hanger for you.  We have Graphic Design Artists that will design the exact Advertisement that you want and approve.  

Did you know that Door Hangers are the Cheapest Advertising?  Putting the advertisement on someone’s front door means your ad will be seen! It has also been proven to be one of the cheapest ways to advertise while being one of the most effective ways as well.  In most cases our service is 2 1/2 time cheaper than direct mail.

Our Staff is ready to help you in any way that we can.  We invite you to visit our Website:  Door Hangers Work COM.  Please click the link below. 



Denver Limo

Denver Limo – Denver Limousines Etc

Denver Limo Service offering Party Bus Limos, Lincoln Town Car Stretched Limousines, Chrysler 300 Limo, Hummer Limos, Cadillac Escalade, Pink Limousine,  Excursion SUV Limo and much more.


Electrician Upland CA

Electrician Upland CA

Electrician Upland CA  Dominic Portesi is the Ethical Electrical Master Electrician.  Located in Upland California and serving all the surrounding cities including Ontario, San Dimas, Glendora, Montclair, Alta Loma and Rancho Cucamonga, Ethical Electrical will deliver service with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Ethical Electrical provides high and low voltage electrical services.  A few of these services include installation or repairs of electrical panels, upgrades of panels, installing new outlets for your home or business.  If you have new construction or old construction, installing lighting or repairing wire problems.  Ethical Electrical is the company to call.

If you are needing electrical panel upgrades, recessed lighting, smoke detectors installed, electrical outlets, switches and dimmers installed, call or send an email from the website.

electrician upland ca

Electrician Upland CA


Attorney Lynnwood WA

Attorney Lynnwood WA – Schnackenberg Law Office

Marke Schnackenberg criminal defense attorney in this video, his specialty is in DUI, DWI, Domestic Violence and Theft Defense.  In the Lynnwood and Edmonds area of Washington State.

Marke Schnackenberg is a former prosecutor who has personally handled over 12,000 cases in Washington.  Comes from a long family history of legal experts.  His grandfather was a very high ranking Federal Judge in Chicago, Illinois.  Chief Justice of Federal Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Elmer J. Schnackenberg.  Marke Schnackenberg was touched by his grandfathers “larger-than-life-figure” and he pursued a legal career.

Schnackenberg Law Office is located in Lynnwood WA.  But Marke actually spent many years in Seattle as a prosecutor handling over 12,000 criminal cases.   He now focuses on criminal defense for DUI, DWI Cases, Domestic Violence Defense and Theft Defense Cases.

If you reside in the Lynnwood Washington area and find yourself being charged with a DUI or need a Domestic Violence Attorney,  Marke Schnackenberg is available for criminal defense.  You may visit the website and submit a request for a free consultation of your case.

Criminal Defense Attorney


Recessed Lighting San Dimas CA

Recessed Lighting San Dimas CA

Ethical Electrical is the top electrical contractor who can get your kitchen, office or family room in great recessed lighting condition.  He has numerous videos that give you all the educational reasons why you should have recessed lighting.  He only uses top of the line receptacles in the ceiling.  This electrician believes that you should never cut corners when it comes to your safety in lighting equipment.  Be sure to visit his website and learn more about this San Dimas Electrician.

Recessed Lighting San Dimas CA

When you consider installing new recessed lighting, there are many additional things to consider.  Recessed lighting if very efficient and effective lighting, but don’t depend on it alone.  There are other lights to complement this form of lighting too.  The goal is not to make the room appear to stark or bland.

Another thing to consider is recessed lighting in bathrooms. There can be unappealing facial shadows when they’re located above the bathroom sink and mirror.  Bathroom lighting needs to have a balance of light and minimize shadows.  So make sure you have more than one kind of lighting fixtures in bathrooms.

Watch for the installing near ceiling fans and light fixtures.  Ceiling fans that are hung too low or too close to the beam angle of can lights might cause a strobe effect as the rotating blades cause an on and off shadow.

The benefits of recessed lighting are that they make a room feel bigger and they take less space.  Recessed lighting can also cast light on the wall you want to highlight for design reasons.  Or they also help to give you light on a bookcase, where you really need direct light on reading materials.  The additional benefit of recessed lighting is you can buy lights, trim and reflectors in various colors.  The casing for recessed lights also protect it from dust.

Dominic Portesi of Ethical Electrical can answer all your questions about recessed lighting.  He serves all the cities of the Inland Empire, including Upland, Ontario, Claremont, Glendora, San Dimas, Alta Loma, Rancho Cucamonga, Covina and Montclair, California.


Dolls Havens Elder Care

Dolls Havens Elder Care Menifee CA

Elder Care in Menifee and Sun City California is very big business.  This is because of all the upcoming seniors love this area.  It’s warm, its new, there is plenty of new shopping, new hospital near by and plenty of things to do for seniors.

Seniors have long traveled to Sun City for golf and a slower pace of living.  No big crowds and the traffic moves a little slower in the community of Sun City.  They even have golf cart lanes for seniors who like to use their golf cart to shop at Von’s.

Now if you need assisted living and want this type of life style that Sun City and Menifee offers.  Then you should take the house tour with Bill Anderson of Dolls Havens.  At this assisted living facility,  you feel like you are living at home in the care of the home owners.  They will assist you with the everyday duties of life.  That includes three meals a day, plus snacks.  They make sure you take your medications and help you with laundry and even plan social activities.  

Make an appointment to visit this special assisted living facility in Sun City CA – Menifee CA.


Audio Equipment Rentals Murrieta CA

Audio Video Equipment Rentals Murrieta – Temecula CA

Audio Video Equipment Rentals by IEAVR known as Inland Empire Audio Video Rentals.  Josh Musgrave owner and operator of this equipment rental company takes great pride in his rental services.  He personally will deliver the rental equipment and set it up.  He’ll make sure that you know how to operate the equipment.  He wants your party or event to be a success and the equipment is a good part of the event.  You need to know that this equipment will be dependable for your event.  Josh makes sure ahead of time, he sets it up and then tests it before your event.

Equipment is available for holiday parties, weddings, birthday parties and more.  Business meetings can sometimes require audio video equipment, you can now rent it for special events.  This makes it more economical rather than buying equipment.  If you have these kind of needs give IEAVR a phone call or visit the website to reserve your equipment.  IEAVR serves the Inland Empire area, including Murrieta, Menifee, Temecula and surrounding cities.

audio video equipment rentals

Audio Video Equipment Rentals Murrieta CA


Floor Stripping and Waxing Glendora CA

Floor Stripping and Waxing Glendora CA

The Vallejo Family are experts in Commercial Waxing and Stripping of Floors in Glendora and surrounding cities. Glenn and Angelica of Glendora take great pride in all the services they provide.  This video is an exceptional video which goes in great detail about removing wax from a school floor and then re-applying new wax and buffing it out.

This is a job not for the weary.  You must have great arms and great equipment.  Contact Glenn Vallejo and ask for a free custom quote to get the job done right the first time.

Commercial Floor Wax Stripping

Be sure to visit the main website to see the many other services that are provided by Angelica’s Cleaning.  To name a few: Carpet Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Small Business or Large Businesses, Window Cleaning, Hard Floor Cleaning.

No Job is Too Large or Too Small.  Call for a custom quote.

Contact Advance Your Listing for a Floor Wax Stripping Website.




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