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Audio Video Equipment Rentals Murrieta – Temecula CA

Audio Video Equipment Rentals by IEAVR known as Inland Empire Audio Video Rentals.  Josh Musgrave owner and operator of this equipment rental company takes great pride in his rental services.  He personally will deliver the rental equipment and set it up.  He’ll make sure that you know how to operate the equipment.  He wants your party or event to be a success and the equipment is a good part of the event.  You need to know that this equipment will be dependable for your event.  Josh makes sure ahead of time, he sets it up and then tests it before your event.

Equipment is available for holiday parties, weddings, birthday parties and more.  Business meetings can sometimes require audio video equipment, you can now rent it for special events.  This makes it more economical rather than buying equipment.  If you have these kind of needs give IEAVR a phone call or visit the website to reserve your equipment.  IEAVR serves the Inland Empire area, including Murrieta, Menifee, Temecula and surrounding cities.

audio video equipment rentals

Audio Video Equipment Rentals Murrieta CA